OCEA Encourages our Members to Please Vote Early

Our endorsed candidates

Governor Charlie Crist

Attorney General George Sheldon and Perry Thurston

Florida Senate Seat 12 Geraldine Thompson

House District 29  Mike Clelland

House District 30 Karen Castor Dental

House District 31 Beilta “B” Grassel

House District 43 Ricardo Rangel

House District 47 Linda Stewart

House District Joe Saunders

School Board District 1 Leah Carius

School Board District 4 Clarence Thacker

School Board District 5 Lynn Dower ( a member of OCEA teaching at Thacker)


Wellness Local Plus Insurance Plan

As of August 27, 2014 Employees are not required to participate in the wellness screening at each work site to be eligible for the Wellness Local Plus plan.  TO continue in the program next year, employees must get a physical and blood work at some point during the 2014-15 school year.