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Last night your Teacher BLT voted 6-1 to accept the District’s offer for mediation. Apryle does not vote on any item as chair. She only votes in the event of a tie. We have NOT cancelled our Special Magistrate Hearing for April 5th. If we cannot come to an agreement through mediation we will continue with the Special Magistrate hearing. This was done for one major reason. If we come to an agreement through mediation, the District and School Board MUST honor that agreement and it goes to ratification.

The School Board does NOT have to accept the Special Magistrate’s decision. The step after that would be a hearing in front of the School Board. They would then impose the salary amount for teachers without ratification.

The ESP BLT has just started the impasse process, so we have agreed to mediation. They do not have a Special Magistrate selected or hearing scheduled.

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Latino Health Fair at Plaza De Sol

Thacker Avenue School for International Studies

Last June, the Osceola County Education Association working with the Student and retired NEA members from across the United States, helped the students at Thacker Avenue School for International Studies plant a vegetable garden. The produce grown was given to the children who are from families in transition. The idea of this program was to be able to provide fresh produce to our students in need.

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